Clinics & courses in Dubai

Many riders think it's normal that riding a horse is hard work.  It's not.

Riding should feel light and smooth.  

Once you learn the proper technique, adapted to your horse's anatomy, you'll gain structure and confidence. 

I teach riders all over the world. You can enrol for my lessons and unlock a smoother, easier, and more flowing way of riding. 

Dressage clinic: Become the best rider you can be

You will be surprised how much progress you can make in a short time.


Working on the basic principles (such as impulsion, rhythm, balance, and straightness) is my absolute favourite as it’s the most challenging and underestimated part of every training. In many training sessions and clinics that I have given, it’s clear that riders struggle with getting the horse on the bit. I will be able to teach you how to get an elastic connection, as a result of having the basic principles confirmed. In no time you will feel how the horse comes towards the bit rather than you trying to get the horse on the bit.


With a correct contact, the horse stays in a more natural position and will be able to develop the muscles along his top line properly. You will get immediate results and I have never seen it not working. Riding will be smooth and comfortable, and you will never be satisfied with anything less ever again. At this point, the fun can start even more and you will be able to develop and tackle advanced exercises. 

Do you have a problem 

with your horse? 

Are you having a hard time dealing with your (new) horse? Having doubts about how to ride correctly? Do you want to learn how to train your horse so you can have enjoyable and pleasure training sessions?  


I help you with any of the following issues or any other problems you might be having with your horse.
•    Not responding to your leg aids
•    Problems with the connection and getting the horse on the bit
•    Difficulties with transitions 
•    Difficulties with new exercises 
•    Being heavy on your hands
•    Very strong on one rein or direction
•    Spooking, bucking, rearing, bolting 
•    Refusing to jump
•    Lack of speed control and balance between jumps

Mental coaching

My passion & academic education for psychology allows me to transfer knowledge and build positive experiences. I coach many riders who have difficulties performing under pressure, who are nervous at competitions or face anxiety when riding. If you can recognize yourself in any of the above, I am able to help you to be successful in handling these stressful situations, using different techniques both in the saddle or next to your horse, thereby building self-esteem, to develop leadership skills and to project confidence. You will be able to perform better and fully enjoy the ride. 

Practical details dressage lessons





single lesson:               375 AED 

* excl. groundfees

* location DPEC, additional fee at other locations


1 lesson: 45 minutes

private or semi-private lessons

dressage, jumping, groundwork

You need to bring your own horse


Send me a WhatsApp on +31 6 83244799.  I am happy to answer all your questions!

Frequently Asked Questions Dubai

Can I come and watch?

You are always welcome to watch the training sessions with other riders. You can watch from the side or you can stay with me in the arena. I encourage learning from and with each other. Please let me know beforehand so I can let you know the hours and the location.

How long are the training sessions?

The sessions are approximately 45 minutes, however, I sometimes schedule 60 minutes for everybody so we can discuss some additional aspects and homework exercises. Before the lesson, please warm up your horse by ONLY walking your horse (forward and stretching down) for 10 minutes.

Is this program suitable for beginners or young horses?

Yes absolutely! Every training is adjusted to your own level and gives you exercises if you have a young horse or limited capabilities due to a - previous - injury.

I'm ready to sign up! How do I get started?

Simply send me a WhatsApp on +31 6 83244799 or a message on Instagram. I am happy to answer all your questions and schedule your first lesson. I look forward to meeting you!

I don’t want to take the package but I do want to take some lessons?

That’s not a problem at all. I highly encourage to train consistently so you really benefit from the training session. Riding is not easy so by training consistently you will have the biggest results. However, below you find the prices for the training sessions:

1 lesson: AED 375 incl groundfee

Can I take the package to next time?

Unfortunately, packages are to be used within one clinic visit.

My horse or I am sick and I need to cancel our lesson. What is the cancelation policy?

I do have a strict 48-hour cancellation policy. Please call me or send me a WhatsApp message as soon as possible so I can schedule another class. Late cancellations are subject to being charged the cost of the lesson because it takes away another rider's ability to ride. If you find another rider to fill up your spot or somebody from my reserve list can fill it up you won't be charged.

Can I share a package with somebody else?

Unfortunately, packages are personalized and it’s not possible to share the packages with others.

How do I know the next dates?

Send me a WhatsApp on +31 6 83244799 and I will keep you posted.

Some riders change their horse, they change their saddle, they change their trainer, but they never change themselves. 

Workshops Dubai 

Understanding the conformation of your horse is key to performing better.

Workshop Conformation

January 15th

11am - 1 pm

AED 350

Dubai Polo & Equestrian club

Everything you need to know to keep your horse healthy & in the best condition. 

Workshop Vital Signs

January 15th

2pm - 4pm

AED 350

Dubai Polo & Equestrian club


AED 350 

The Conformation Workshop

Horses come in all sizes and shapes with their own weaknesses and strengths. Understanding the conformation of your horse is key to performing better and preventing injuries. 


In this workshop, you learn how to assess the conformation of a sport horse and what to look out for when you are buying a horse. Understand the different types of goals, learn how to formulate what you see and what a certain conformation means for the training. 

January 15th

11am - 1 pm

EUR 80 (AED 350)

Dubai Polo & Equestrian club

Learn how to assess the conformation of the ideal sport horse and what to look out for when you are buying or training a horse.


I teach you what kind of characteristics are more prone to injuries.  We work with the lineair scoring sheet from the Dutch Warmblook Horse Studbook (KWPN). 

You learn the 19 characteristics to evaluate the conformation of a sport horse. We evaluate one horse together and I show you the boney landmarks that you so you can confidently assess the conformation. Then you give it a try and you evaluate your own horse or one of the ‘course horses’. We take a look in the stables to look for some extremes to further train your eye. 

Each of the 19 points translates into a practical tip for the training for that horse. You develop your eye to look at the conformation and directly sees the implication for the training. For example, have you always wondered why it was so difficult to get a steady contact with your horse? Now you know that it's due to a short neck. Why a horse with a longer hindleg has more difficulties with engaging from behind but why at the same time it looks supple and spectacular.  

At the end of the workshop, you understand your horse’s conformation and you know the implications for your training. You understand why your horse, for example, has difficulties with stretching down, or with moving more uphill, or with bending or staying engaged in downward transitions. 


AED 350 

The Vital Signs Workshop

Horses are very good at hiding health problems. If something is wrong, it can be hard to tell whether or not to take action. That’s why every horse owner should know their horse's vital signs. This workshop teaches you how to measure and interpret vital signs so you make educated decisions about your horse's wellbeing. 

We encourage you to get a good feeling about the common behaviour of your horse in his everyday life, so you can easily spot anything unusual and identify the abnormal. Once you have spotted something irregular, you need to determine whether to contact a veterinarian. This course helps you with a framework to make that decision. 

You learn about heart rate, respiration rate, temperature, levels of hydration, capillary refill time and how to assess the clinical fitness of the horse. 

Be good for your horse and your horse will perform much better

Workshop Vital Signs

January 15th

2 pm - 4 pm

EUR 80 (AED 350)

Dubai Polo & Equestrian club