Do you want a confident & positive mindset?

 Let's take the first step together with these free tools.  

Do you often get off your horse feeling disappointed? Are you frustrated because you don't give the best to your horse? You see other riders training calmly and effectively, but you are all over the place. 


I’ve been there and here’s a way to help.


I have put together some tools you can use to prepare yourself mentally. Read the ebook first, start meditating every day and track your daily training sessions with the training evaluation forms. 

Sounds easy, right? I can guarantee you this is called a “practice” for a reason. It won't be easy, you need to put in some time & effort but it's worth it. There is no right and wrong, there is just the doing that matters.  And I promise you, if you do it, it boosts your confidence in the saddle!

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